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Why Jim Cramer Predicts More Cannabis Brands and Investors

Continuing the list

Among Jim Cramer’s predictions for 2019, he included more brands and investors in the cannabis industry this year. Cramer believes that 2019 “will be all about branding for the pot industry.” According to Cramer, big companies will—within the legal limits—push for brand building campaigns in 2019.


Investors coming in

Cramer also said that more investors will pour money into the sector with medical marijuana becoming more efficient. He stated, “I think more investors will embrace actual medicines that do the same thing as marijuana, but they do it more reliably.”

What we predicted: A comparison

We listed “value-added innovation” and “serious investors” in our list. Value-added innovation will drive differentiated products, which will be branded to help customers identify the product easily. We also stated that “late-stage investors with big wallets waiting for validation may pour their money into the cannabis industry.”

What we missed

Cramer’s fifth prediction, seeing a boost in the CBD market on the back of the newly passed Farm Bill, was something we didn’t consider. Cramer called CBD a “massive opportunity.” It has non-psychoactive properties and can be derived from hemp, which is now legal in the United States.

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What we also listed

We also listed “validation,” “earnings,” “global developments,” and “negative events” as other items to watch for in 2019 in the cannabis space. See Top Ten Developments to Watch in the Cannabis Sector in 2019 to learn more.

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