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An Investor’s Guide to Cannabis ETFs

Investors have good reason to be curious about cannabis ETFs. The cannabis industry has been attracting a lot of attention for several years now,...

Tilray: An Overview of the Colossal Cannabis Player

Established in 2014, Tilray is a massive medical marijuana producer and a major global provider of cannabis products through a variety of partnerships.

Why Is the US CBD Market So Attractive?

Overall, the US has one of the most attractive markets for cannabis companies. Compared to Canada, the US market is expected to have a...

Cannabis ETFs: Why Are They Less Risky?

For our analysis of cannabis ETFs, we've considered the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF, the Horizons ETFs, and the Cambria Cannabis ETF.

A Guide to Marijuana Laws in Massachusetts

420 Investor Daily offers investors a detailed overview of the status of medical and recreational cannabis legalization in Massachusetts.

Cannabis Market Segments & Strategies

The strategy roadmap How cannabis companies succeed in the recreational use market will depend on the strategy they pursue. There are primarily two broad strategies to...

Cannabis Laws in Florida: Everything Investors Need to Know

Curious about how cannabis legalization works in Florida? We round up everything you need to know about both medical marijuana and the recreational sector.

Investing in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has been around for a long time, but it used to focus on medical cannabis. However, the industry has undergone a...

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New Jersey Could Loosen Its Marijuana Laws in 2020

New Jersey legalized cannabis for medical use for certain conditions in 2010. However, its efforts to legalize recreational use have been unsuccessful.

Here’s What Delta 9 Cannabis 2.0 Looks Like

In a recent update, Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. (NINE.V) presented details about its cannabis 2.0 products and its sales in the initial phase. Delta...

A Guide to Marijuana Laws in New Mexico

New Mexico is the first state in the country to allow medical use of cannabis in some form. The state allowed cannabis use through...

Know the Pros and Cons of Cannabis Edibles

Deloitte says that the Canadian edibles market could reach 2.7 billion Canadian dollars per year. Cannabis 2.0 could help cannabis stocks recover.

Innovative Industrial Properties Company Overview

Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIPR) is the first company to focus on investing in real estate for medical marijuana companies. The company combines investments...