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Vedic Astrology January 2020

The New Decade: Astrology January 2020 Forecast and Trends

The new decade begins in the midst of an eclipse cycle. A cycle that offers us the opportunity for deeper insight. We would do well to use our practices to harness the energy of the Jyostish or Vedic Astrology January 2020 and beyond.

January 10

There is a Full Moon / Eclipse in Gemini today that exemplifies the themes of Astrology January 2020. This powerful eclipse brings into greater contrast the Solar Eclipse of two weeks ago. Remember that intense Christmas Day, and how I told you to be careful to not get into philosophical arguments? Well, now you have a couple weeks to clean up any potential messes, starting today. Besides that, this may be a good time to actually start to communicate about some of the things you were holding back on a couple weeks ago. The energy of Gemini includes skillful communication and good communication includes listening to what others say.

This Full Moon / Eclipse will be in Punarvasu Nakshatra, related to the divine mother goddess, Aditi, the personification of the infinite and the mother of many of the gods. This divine mother energy takes our ideas and brings them into the heart – leading to greater compassion.

January 24

This New Moon is in Capricorn and begins a new cycle of concentration, duty, commitment, and service which comes after the inspiration delivered by Sagittarius. It is not enough to be inspired. Inspiration must lead to a course of action where we work through our problems and stay the course. This is the only way we make real progress in life. After all, it is easy to be inspired, but once the hard work begins we can lose our way.

The next 30 days will be a great test and will reveal what is most important to you. What are you not willing to give up on when the going gets tough?

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This New Moon is in Uttara Ashada Nakshatra, related to the universal gods. These gods include “Time”, “Action”, “Passion” and a lot more. If we are to succeed in life all of these universal energies or powers must be aligned. Again, what are you not willing to give up on when the going gets tough?

January 24

Saturn moves into Capricorn beginning a 2 1/2 year cycle which will empower us to be more self-possessed, humble, and committed to our salvation. But first we must work through our emotional problems and difficulties. Our biggest emotional problems involve facing our fear of loneliness and even death. This could be a heavy couple of years, but certainly a time of enormous growth and getting real on the bone level.


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